Pisciotti Malsch

Counselors & Litigators

Mission Statement

Pisciotti Malsch is dedicated to providing superior representation.

Pisciotti Malsch represents the best model for client satisfaction in the industry. The finest legal representation and a cost-effective approach are the hallmarks of the firm. Pisciotti Malsch is proud to boast long term relationships with its clients. It is the firm's mission to provide responsive service and unparalleled legal results.

Pisciotti Malsch specializes in litigation defense, focusing on product liability cases, commercial matters, and complex litigation. Experts in issues relating to risk reduction and litigation management, the firm counsels its clients in business policies and procedures aimed at minimizing, if not eliminating, litigation.

Make no mistake about it; the attorneys at Pisciotti Malsch are trial lawyers. While the firm prides itself on its creative and progressive approach to achieving beneficial outcomes for its clients, the reality is that oftentimes what clients need most are trial lawyers who are not afraid of a courtroom. At Pisciotti Malsch, we have a proven track record of being determined litigators and fiercely advocating on behalf of our clients.

Pisciotti Malsch represents clients on both a national and regional basis. Thus, in addition to being intimately familiar with civil practice in the Northeast, our attorneys have appeared in federal and state courts in over forty states and territories throughout the country. Whether it is in a courtroom or an alternative dispute resolution setting, Pisciotti Malsch works tirelessly to advocate on behalf of its clients while always bearing in mind the costs of litigation.

The firm takes an innovative approach to litigation, offering the unique combination of having the resources to handle major cases, while still providing the personal attention and communication that any client desires. From the outset of the case, Pisciotti Malsch attorneys diligently work with the client to formulate a cohesive and forward-looking resolution strategy. All case activity has a purpose. The firm's policy is to be available whenever needed, and to ensure that clients are always aware of the progress of their cases.